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Current Human resource Challenges Facing by the Organisations

Hi, today we talk about the current human resource challenges facing by the organization during the economic boom, one of the biggest difficulties facing HR managers was attracting and retaining key employees. Many employers found it difficult to fill vacancies. HR practitioners focused on recruitment and reward strategies in an effort to ensure adequate staffing levels. The situation has changed dramatically in the last few years, however. While attracting and retaining key employees remains a problem for some organizations, the economic recession has forced many others either to downsize their operations or to close them completely, resulting in a surplus of staff. One of the Human resources challenges is deciding the best way to deal with employees who are no longer required. Possibilities include offering career breaks, redeployment, reduced working hours, layoffs, job sharing and redundancy. The composition of the labor market is changing in Ireland, as in other countries, with an increased number of women, non-Irish, older workers and members of minority groups entering the labor market. Despite the existence of the Employment Equality Acts (1998–2008) (see chapter eleven), the Equality Authority (see chapter ten) received 731 referrals in 2009. The majority of the casework activity was based on the grounds of age, race, gender, and disability. The challenge for HR practitioners, and indeed all managers, is to work within the law in order to manage diversity in the workplace fairly and effectively. The needs of organizations and employees can be met by increased flexibility on both sides. The use of flexitime, home-working, job sharing and flexible job descriptions are examples of how flexibility can benefit both employees and the organization. Work-life balance initiatives and family-friendly policies can help to attract and retain employees as well as address some of the issues in managing diversity and dealing with surplus staff.

Current Human resource Challenges Facing by the Organisations

Current Human resource Challenges Facing by the Organisations





Employees nowadays are likely to want to be involved in organizational decision-making. Employee participation, in the form of quality circles, attitude surveys and team working, for example, allows employees to contribute to decision-making in the organization. The ‘partnership approach’ is based on the idea that cooperative bargaining can benefit all parties involved and has been used at a national level in Ireland to negotiate national pay agreements. Central to each of the Human resources issues confronting employers are the challenges of managing change. Organisational change is inevitable but is likely to be met with resistance from either employers or employees. See Kotter and Schlesinger (1979) for a discussion on strategies for overcoming resistance to change.

Working within the law is a constant challenge for employers today. From advertising a vacancy through to termination of employment, employers need to know what their legal obligations are towards employees.

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